Choose your most prominent symptom

Sinus pain


Airway obstrucion



Use this section to help determine what type of sinus and nasal problem you are dealing with. If the diagnosis seems fairly clear after exploring this section, then you can use that information to explore the treament section of this site. Look over the common advice that goes with your diagnosis.

Start by choosing your most prominent nasal symptom listed on the left; knowing which direction to go for treatment begins with a sound diagnosis.

Of course, this online information can not replace a medical examination and a face to face medical interview. Check out our section that helps you decide if you might need to see a doctor and what type of doctor would be best.

For many sinus problems, physical examination is needed to actually see what the problem is and CT scans or sinus X-rays can be very helpful in certain situations. Read about CT scans and other radiologic studies here.

Diagnose your sinus pain

Is it a type of headache?
Can pain be from allergies?
Chronic sinusitis perhaps?

Let us help you figure it out.

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