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Medicines in this category are helpful to reduce sinus pain. They may also help nasal congestion slightly. During a cold or allergy, you can get negative sensations that do not really rise to the level of pain, such as an itchy scratchy feeling or a burning sensation. These medicines help those sensations too. It is important to be sure that you can take medicines in this class safely, the class is called the Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory class, NSAIDs.


The main OTC medicines that can help sinus pain are ibuprofen, aspirin, and tylenol. Ketoprophen (Aleve) is similar to ibuprofen. My preferred ingredient is ibuprofen.

I recommend trying (2) 200 mg ibuprofen every 8 hours. Of course. read the label first. Try it for your nasal symptoms. It is best not to use ibuprofen on an extremely regular basis or for long periods of time. If you need it this often, you probably need to be evaluated by a specialist.

Other Choices

Aspirin is best avoided, it is not more effective then ibuprofen and it can cause more stomach problems then ibuprofen. There is also a rare dangerous problem with aspirin called Reye's syndrome that mostly happens in teens given aspirin during a flu like illness.

Tylenol is very safe when used in the correct amounts, but if overdosed, it is one of the most dangerous medicines. Tylenol has very little anti-inflammatory benefits and just my personal experience suggests that it doesn't help the sinus problems as much as ibuprofen.

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