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Nasalcrom is currently (2005) the only OTC spray that benefits the underlying allergic reaction. It is very safe, and has no side effects. It must be used before exposure to the allergen, and it is best to use it consistently for a week or so before drawing any conclusions about its effectiveness. It has the negative of being fairly mild and not always controlling all of the symptoms, but sometimes it works wonders. You can not become "addicted" to this type of nasal spray.

NasalCrom Nasal Spray (cromolyn sodium) works as a mast-cell stabilizer, blocking cells in the body from releasing substances that cause one part of the allergic reaction. Normally, upon entering the nose, an allergen triggers the mast cells that line the nasal passages to break down and release histamines which cause nasal allergy symptoms. NasalCrom provides a protective layer that shields mast cells from these allergens.

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