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Sinus surgery can range from very minor procedures in the office, to more involved procedures for difficult problems. The nature of the procedure dictates just how much pain to expect. It surprises me just how variable the response can be. Some patients never need to take any pain medicine after sinus surgery. Most patients use a few pain pills each day for 2 or 3 days. An occasional patient will have worse pain than expected and it may be prolonged. There are some generalities that I can make that help predict how much pain to expect.
  • People who didn't have sinus pain as part of their sinus problems, will usually not have much pain after surgery.
  • Patients who are prone to headaches will usually get headaches after nasal surgery. This is true even if the surgery eventually proves to help the headaches.
  • Patients who have a septoplasty will have a bit more discomfort.
  • Packing, if used, makes the first day or two more miserable and sometimes more painful.
  • If someone has had other surgical procedures, you can draw some conclusions. If you recovered quicker and hurt less than the average, you can expect the same with other procedures. For some reason, people are "wired" differently to respond to pain, and the response is fairly consistent between otherwise unrelated procedures.
Also see the page on Recovery Time After Sinus Surgery

After sinus surgery, there can be some pain with removal of the packing material. When possible, this is reduced by numbing the nasal passage before removing the packing. This is not usually very painful, in fact it is mostly a relief.

Office visits after surgery often include an examination of the sinuses and perhaps cleaning out of the sinus cavities. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable. The nasal and sinus cavities are numbed before post operative examinations and cleaning.

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