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Sinus and nasal surgery has come a long way. In many cases, minor outpatient procedures can correct longstanding problems and reduce future expense and illness.

People are rightfully reluctant to undergo surgical procedures for sinus problems. You can live with most sinus problems. The decision can be complicated and should include consideration of the following issues.
  • Expected results of the proposed surgical procedure
  • Likelihood that the surgical expectations will be reached
  • Likelihood of complications from surgery
  • Expected r ecovery time
  • The success of non surgical treatments
  • The cost of long term non surgical treatment versus surgical treatment
The topics on the right can help you understand the role of surgery in treatment of sinus and nasal problems.

Everything about
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When is surgery

How is modern sinus
  surgery performed?

What is balloon sinus

Does sinus surgery
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I have had sinus surgery
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What is the recovery
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Post-operative visits:
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What is a septoplasty?

What is a turbinate

Is packing still necessary?

What are windows?

How painful is modern
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What complications
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